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IOPE Stem III Ampoule (Revitalize & Anti-aging) 50mL

A potent daily ampoule that delivers anti-aging actives deep into the skin. This concentrated formula calms and visibly revitalizes fatigued and dull complexion to a more energized-looking skin. After 20 years of research, IOPE discovered that there are three key ingredients that serve as powerful anti-aging agents to help visibly revitalize tired and aged skin.

Allanto-Liposome™, a discovery that overcomes the limits of time

This intense anti-aging ampoule adds three hours of sleep every day with 78.2%
Allanto-Liposome™, which was developed by our Innovators paying attention to ingredients that are used when the skin is **damaged.

Core ingredient Allanto Complex

Allantoin, spiraeoside, and peptide ingredients offer three fundamental skincare effects, including soothing, intense anti-aging, and strengthening of moisture barrier.

Eight-free formula

This product is free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, synthetic pigment, fragrance,and PEG surfactant.

Liposome, an effective skin delivery technology

Liposome has a skin-friendly form that is 1/400 of hair thickness and absorbs well into the skin. Highly-concentrated liposome has been put into the product to contain 78.2% Allanto-Liposome™.

How to use: After using a toner and/or softener, dispense product onto facial areas using the auto pipette. 

  • Open the cap by turning it to the right. This product has a pipette that fills the content automatically when the cap is turned.
  • Drop the content directly onto your face. Direct drop is more effective than dropping it onto a hand.
  • Roll as if to draw a twisted stick using fingertips, from inside out. Roll with fingertips to increase the absorption rate.

Size: 50mL

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