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ATOMY Skin Care System The Fame 5 Set

ATOMY Skin Care System The Fame Skincare Set includes:

  • Atomy The Fame Toner  150mL
  • Atomy The Fame Eye Cream 40mL
  • Atomy The Fame Essence 50mL
  • The Fame Lotion 135mL
  • The Fame Nutrition Cream 50mL

Atomy The Fame Toner

Recharges dry skin with concentrated moisture through the skin moisturizing system. 3 types of non-irritating moisture components get absorbed and quickly soothe the skin. Skin moisturizing system Soluble moisture components treat dead skin cells at the outermost layer of the skin. Beta-glucan protects the skin and relieves irritation. Fermented high molecules offer a powerful moisturizing effect. 

Atomy The Fame Eye Cream

Strengthens the barrier of the sensitive skin around the eyes. Total wrinkle care for the eyes and face. Highly concentrated phospholipids-like nutrients made with HST film technology get quickly absorbed. And a 2nd barrier is formed to treat both fine and deep wrinkles. HST (Human Skin Therapy) Film Technology It generates a film using phospholipid-like components (Ceramide, Cholesterol, and Fatty Acid). These Film components penetrate deep into the skin to restore the skin barrier and improve skin elasticity. 

Atomy The Fame Essence

Delivers nutrients deep into the skin and provide concentrated nourishing care deep into the skin through the M/F method. More highly effective ingredients are delivered deeper and faster through the Micro Delivery System. 

Atomy The Fame Lotion 

Helps embrace the skin to achieve balance. Nutrients burst upon application through the SRM System and adhere soft and smooth against the skin. Also, it recharges the skin with a complex of hydration and oil for concentrated moisture. 

Atomy The Fame Nutrition Cream

It embraces the skin to achieve balance and acts as last-step care for firmness and preventing loss of moisture. Fully hydrates the skin through the Skin Fit System to perfect the look of unbreakably strong skin.

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